The Idea of Change

Change, it is something that can be viewed as good or bad but it is definitely something I can see all of us struggling with. As my first post I want to talk about this because it is something that has been a huge deal in my life right now. People have been coming, people have been going, and more things have been testing me and how I respond to it. In life, I feel like we go through certain changes that are more external but as we get older we start to get tests by God that shape us on the inside depending on how we respond. Right now I feel like that is where I am placed. I have been trying in these last years as a follower of Christ to lead, grow, and to reach out to others. As the time has been going by, that feeling has become stronger and eventually into something that is now an aching passion that has been shown by Christ. At the end of my freshmen year and at the beginning of my sophomore year I started to feel lead to Ministry. And just like gasoline is put on a fire to make it much larger, I have felt God put gasoline into my fiery passion for serving him.  

 “Their hearts are like an oven; they approach him with intrigue. Their passion smolders all night; in the morning it blazes like a flaming fire.” -Hosea 7:6 

This stood out to me as what The Lord wants for me, and it all depends on how I respond to it. I feel God changing how I see things, and how I handle situations. As this has been happening, I feel God preparing me for something big. So guys, my motto in this is to be a creation made to live for The Creator no matter where God takes me and what change is to come. We need to be glad for change because God’s plan is much better than our own. I hope you all know how much he loves you and how change to him is a growing opportunity.