Through the Times of the Dorky and Chunky to Beyond.

2 Corinthians 12:10 says “That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” This verse really stands out to me because of a recent situation that has truly reminded me of my middle school days. As a kid in junior high, I was bullied here and there throughout sixth, seventh, and a little bit of eighth grade. I was usually picked on because I was a little heavy and dorky (Those are both still true). It wasn’t a constant occurrence but would happen frequently to where I started to question if I needed to change myself. I didn’t question myself that much whenever I got bullied, but I struggled more whenever I liked a girl.  It wasn’t a constant struggle of mine, but here and there I would put into perspective that if I became more similar to those guys that would pick on me, then a girl would like me. Even though I didn’t have that struggle with myself for too long, I am still glad to this day that the Lord protected me to stay confident in who I am. Now, I stay more patient and confident that God will introduce me to a woman along in the future. That story of mine was not the main point in this post, but was just an example. Going back to the recent situation that occurred this week, it reminded me of my middle school days because the type of person that messed with me back junior high school was the same as this time. Realizing that it didn’t bother me, I looked back on how much God has helped me grow with confidence in who I am. But it also allowed me to realize that no matter how old you get, the world will always try to beat you down. We all deal with new struggles with the world every day but we overcome them with Jesus, and by the experience we have had in the past. This is true because with the struggle I went through in my middle school days, it helped me realize how much it doesn’t affect me now. So going back to 2 Corinthians, be delighted in weaknesses, in insults, and in hardships because God takes those things and turns them into something that you no longer struggle with.  I think God placed that on my heart this week because as I start to handle new challenges, I need to remind myself more that if God has helped me become stronger through one thing, then he will surely be there for the next.  In this, I’m just a creation trying to grow with The Creator. Image